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Open day Zonnepark Midden Groningen successful


On Saturday 15 of June the building site of Zonnepark Midden Groningen was open for public. The rainy weather was no reason for the people of Groningen to stay at home. At least 185 interested visitors came to take a look at the largest solar park in the Netherlands under construction.

Update construction Zonnepark Midden Groningen May 2019


Four months ago we started the construction of Zonnepark Midden Groningen. The work is proceeding according to plan and in the meantime we have installed 98% of the foundation piles and 21% of the solar panels.

Zonnepark Midden Groningen on Dutch television


On Friday the 26th of April Dutch television broadcasted an item about solar parks and solar islands in the Netherlands in a progam called Nieuwsuur (NOS). Zonnepark Midden Groningen was also discussed.

Progress construction Solar Park Midden Groningen: first quarter 2019


At the end of January we started with the construction of Zonnepark Midden Groningen. A lot of work has been done since then. In this article you can read about the work we have done in the past quarter and what we will do next month.

Construction start of 103 MWp Solar Park Midden Groningen in the Netherlands


On February 13, the construction started of one of the biggest Dutch solar parks of 2019. On November 14th 2018, the Council of State confirmed the environmental permit for the solar park Midden-Groningen.

Start construction Solar Park Midden-Groningen


On 21 January, the construction of the Solar Park Midden-Groningen will start. The planned construction period runs from the end of January to October. The first step is to build the fence and the work buildings.

Solar park Midden-Groningen

Since the end of 2016, Chint Solar / Astronergy has been involved in the development of this solar park on the edge of Hoogezand-Sappemeer. Landscape design with attention to local biodiversity is of paramount importance to the development. The Midden-Groningen sun park is fitted with input from the local population and fits in well with the existing landscape structures in terms of species use and design. The solar park does not cause any noise or odor nuisance and is designed in such a way that there is no question of light reflection.

The landscape design (including the layout and management plan) is added to the documents that are part of the license of the municipality of Midden-Groningen. The Council of State had a hearing on April 6th 2018. The permit is part of the procedure. The environmental permit for the solar park Midden-Groningen was approved by the Council of State on 14 November. With this ruling from the Administrative Jurisdiction Division, the environmental permit has become irrevocable and the construction has started on 21st of January 2019. In October the park is planned to be operational.

Download the landscape design (in Dutch).

Project Specifications

103 MWp
117 ha


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