Design of the Solar Park Midden-Groningen

20 March 2018

Design Solar Park Midden-Groningen is finished

The design for the south side of the Solar Park Midden-Groningen is finished. With input from the residents and nature experts, the regional design agency Eelerwoude developed a design for a good landscaping of the park last month. The final design thus responds to the flora and fauna that is specific to the region and the wishes of the local residents. Due to the construction of flower-rich meadows and shrubs such as hawthorn, it is expected that biodiversity, and in particular butterflies and birds, will increase. The design has been added to the permit documentation from the municipality of Midden-Groningen.

From information evening to management plan

For residents on the south side of the park, the arrival of the solar park has a direct impact on the view from their home. When developing the design, the wishes and ideas of residents are important. At the information evening in the beginning of February, the residents discussed this with the landscape designer and nature experts. We have tried to meet as many wishes as possible. The design comes together with a management plan. The management plan describes the necessary management measures for the next thirty years to ensure the quality of the integration in the longer term.

The design in bird’s eye view

On the south-west side of the existing greenhouse, a grass mixture is used that is limited in sowing because of the risk of sowing in the greenhouse. That is in accordance with the wishes of the owner of this greenhouse. In a part of the intermediate zone between the gardens of the houses on the Achterdiep Noordzijde and the solar park, a flower mixture will be sown. A double girth is placed in front of the gate. This girth removes the view of the solar park. Where homes have a view of the solar park, this girth is closed and uninterrupted. A shrubbery has been planned further to the west. This shrubbery gets a limited height for the double girth. This creates a hiding place for game, for example deer, an explicit wish of many residents. On the corner Achtdiep NZ and the waterway Verlengde Winkelhoek will create a park-like rug through flower-rich grass species and planting of goose-like plants, creating a beautiful spot both in view of the sun park and ecological integration. This device is also in accordance with the input of the residents.

What now

We would like to add the landscape design (including the layout and management plan) to the documents that are part of the license of the municipality of Midden-Groningen. The Council of State will sit on 6 April. The permit is part of the procedure. In the course of May, the ruling of the Council of State is expected. If this statement is positive, the preparations for the construction will start this fall.